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Dog Water Bottle FoldCap™

Dog Water Bottle FoldCap™

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Hydrate Your Pup without the Hassle!

FoldCap™ outdoor dog water bottles are a safe and simple way to give your dog water on the go. Just flip up the cap and squeeze the bottle to supply your furry friend with fresh drinking water!

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2-in-1 Convenience Anywhere You Go

Whether you’re walking around the neighborhood, enjoying a nearby hike, or taking a trip to the dog park, your four-legged companion is counting on you. Dogs need one ounce of water for every pound of body weight each day. Keep your pup refreshed without the mess using a FoldCap Outdoor Dog Water Bottle.

Here's how it works...

Start by flipping up the BPA-free silicone cap to conveniently form a bowl.

Next, squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl with water.

After quenching your pup's thirst, fold down the cap and secure the nozzle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
K. Galiano
It’s definitely a keeper!

Love it! My dog is an enthusiastic hydrator and this is working great so far. As you can see by the video, it a bit difficult to operate one handed but it can be done. Sucking the unused water back inside is genius!

Great product for walking and hiking with your dog.

We have a 80lb gsd we take on adventures,
and we all know water is important for dogs. We are fairly active, from backpacking, hiking, trail running, biking, Snow sports and various road trips throughout the year, and have tried many different ways to keep our pup hydrated. We opted for this instead of the other types of bottles because it seemed compact.

Pastry Goddess
Great for on the go or the dog park!

I have tried other portable water bowls for my puppy but never a water bottle and I’m so glad I gave this one a try! I’m not a fan of our city water, it upsets Ellie’s stomach usually and I’m stuck catting a giant bottle of water plus a bowl for her everywhere we go. The bottle comes collapsed, you just twist it open, full it with water, turn the little knob to “open”, squeeze and water comes out. I twist the little knob close so Ellie can drink from it like a bowl instead. She seems to love it already and I’m one happy Momma! I would highly recommend it to other dog Mommas and Dads looking for a portable water bottle or an alternative to a water bowl on the go!

Perfect size

I like the size, not over sized. The cup folds down over bottle to make it even smaller. Can even turn water flow off in case you squeeze it, then no water will come out. Has a loop to carry so you're not stuck holding the bottle. Do wish the loop had a snap so I could attach it to my belt. This bottle will be great for our walks.

Michelle Jae
Great little water bottle, my chocolate lab dog liked it!

I made this video of the pet water bottle upon its first use, right out of the box. My dog is an 80lb chocolate lab, so I was concerned that it may be too small for her muzzle. But, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked just fine for her.

The bottle has a silicone "bowl" that folds down over itself, making it very compact. The top has a valve that you open and close, and bottle has a straw going down into the bottle to allow for suction to fill the bowl when you squeeze it. Pretty simple design that works well.

The strap that goes around the bottle has a snap for easy removal, and I walked about 2.5 miles with my dog and it was very comfortable.

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