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Smart Interactive Cat Toy Gravity Ball™

Smart Interactive Cat Toy Gravity Ball™

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Is your cat lazy and doesn't move around?

This Smart Interactive Cat Toy is just what you need if that's the case. The Gravity Ball™ will react once your cat touches it with its nose or paws. With just a single button press, the ball will start to do a 360-degree self-rotation and attract your cat to chase and capture it. With sparkling light, low sound, and rolling like a mouse, the Gravity Ball™ ball will be your cat's new favorite indoor toy.

Smart Interactive Cat Toy Gravity Ball™

Normal and Smart mode
Press the power button briefly to start or shut down the Gravity Ball™. You can switch modes by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds. The blue light indicates Smart Mode, and the green light indicates Normal Mode.

Smart Interactive Cat Toy Gravity Ball™

Bionic obstacle avoidance system!
With an intelligent built-in Bionic automatic obstacle avoidance sensor, Smart Interactive Cat Toy Gravity Ball™ will reverse itself and chooses an avoidance route when it hits an obstacle, like a wall, chair, door, etc. So there is no need to worry about the ball getting stuck in the corner or under your couch. All you need do is turn the ball on and let your cat play with the ball, releasing excess energy.

Smart Interactive Cat Toy Gravity Ball™
    Built-in Battery

    Our smart rolling ball has a built-in battery that can charge using a USB. In addition, it has a charging indicator, which is very convenient. Open the silicone cover and insert it into the type-c charging port to set.

    Smart Interactive Cat Toy Gravity Ball™

      Indicator Lamp:

        The flashing Red light indicates that the battery is too low and the Gravity Ball™ needs to charge. 

         The flashing Blue light indicates that the Gravity Ball™ is charging.

        A long Green light indicates that the charge is complete. Please fully charge the first time use.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 12 reviews

        The fact that this moves around by it’s self makes it superior to most other toys! Cat absolutely loves it and is bouncing around the house hunting it, excellent enrichment just what I was after.


        We have just moved into a flat in the city, so our cat isn’t going outside. She gets restless at night and meows a lot. This is honestly a life saver😂 It keeps her distracted, she usually just watches it move around the room but does sometimes play with it too!! Perfect little toy


        The ball looks exactly as in the advertisement. It's well made and sturdy. Nothing negative to say about it.


        My cats find it fascinating. It certainly does what it is supposed to, changing direction and rolling around, holding the cats' interest.
        Worth the money and a very sturdy product. It is also easy to recharge, and the charge lasts a long time.

        B. Edwards

        Firstly, this toy is excellent because it turns off after about 5 minutes.
        My cat, although large, is very timid. At first, she was dubious of it but now she sits and watches it as it twists and turns in all various, different directions.
        I am really pleased I bought it for her as she loves to watch things moving that are not loud or frightening in any way. Thank you.

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